Ziosk Tabletop tablets, the future of restaurants server

Ziosk TabletopA company based in Dallas, TX by the name of Ziosk has been testing in different restaurants the future of customer experience for the purpose to enhance it, and the feedback have been positive from the customers and everyone involved. This technology consists of a 7-inch touch android table where guest can see the menu and order food and beverages. Play games, view the news or pay on demand.

Ziosk is the world’s first ordering entertainment pay at the table technology and it will begin to revolutionize the economics of dining. Guest can control their own dining experience from the moment they seat at the table to when they leave the restaurant.

When finish and ready to pay, simply pay at the table and your credit card will never leaves your hand. Choose to print or email receipt, add at tip to calculator and the green LED indicates the server that the guest paid and can leave when ready.

On February 13, 2015 Red Robins begin rolling out tabletop tables and Olive Garden just announced today that has entered into an agreement with Ziosk after testing this technology in a select number of its restaurants since last year and the feedback from guest and servers has been positive.Ziosk Technology

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