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Transform your business phone system into a cost-cutting, sales-driving machine.

Westchester Computer Consulting Inc’s Hosted PBX provides an enterprise-grade VoIP phone system to Small and Mid-size Businesses. Delivered from the cloud, it keeps pace with your polycom-vvx500growth—and propels your business higher.





Hosted PBX is a complete business communications system and service. With over 40 calling features, Hosted PBX delivers Fortune 500 style capabilities to small and mid-sized businesses. This powerful cloud-based phone system uses a company’s existing data connection and wiring. Best of all, onsite PBX hardware is not required.


Use our savings calculator to see how much you can save moving to Hosted PBX

Recently, we set out to prove our claim that businesses can “save 50% or more moving to Hosted PBX.” And prove it we did!

Our cost savings study looked at 19 businesses who were considering replacing their phone system and compared monthly phone service costs from their current provider against Hosted PBX. It then added how much they paid upfront for their phone systems. Findings from this cost savings study show that, on average, companies save over 50% on monthly phone service costs by moving to Hosted PBX. That number is even higher if you factor in hardware costs.

When you reduce your business phone services bill, the savings over time can quickly add up. Here’s what we discovered:

  • Per-line service fees. On average, the businesses were paying monthly per-line service fees of $44.64, compared with Hosted PBX’s monthly per-line service fee of $27.99
  • Carrier fees. On average, these businesses paid monthly carrier fees of $11.23 per line, compared with Hosted PBX’s carrier fees of $1.50 per line
  • Local and long distance fees. Like with Hosted PBX, many of the providers covered in the analysis charge no per-line local or long distance fees — although a few charge, per line, as much as $14.75 for local service and $5.00 for long distance service

Can Hosted PBX really cut your bills by over 50%?

The findings of our study represent the average savings these businesses experienced when purchasing Hosted PBX. However, not all companies are created equal. So don’t stop at averages. Use our savings calculator below to see how much you can save your business.


Over 40 calling features let you perform like a big business

  •  Automated attendant answers and routes every call
  • Hunt groups ring multiple people at once to ensure no call goes unanswered
  • Use Outlook to make calls from your desk phone
  • Unlimited calling in the U.S. 
  • Conferencing, call forwarding, music-on-hold (see “Features” section for full list)


Mobility lets you do your job from any location

  • Follow Me automatically forwards calls to mobile phones and other numbers, or rings multiple numbers at the same time 
  • Voicemail-to-email ensures messages get through faster
  • Forward and manage faxes and voicemails just like email messages


Preserve capital, simplify management

  • Flat per-user monthly pricing cuts capital investment
  • No phone system hardware or software to buy
  • No wiring to install. Uses your existing data wiring and Internet connection
  • Web-based management tool makes moves, adds and changes simple
  • More reliable than an on premises phone system


Industry leading Polycom phones

  • Hosted PBX is powered by Polycom’s Soundpoint and VVX model phones, 
    designed for office workers, busy managers and front-line staff
  • Easy-to-use interfaces, rich audio quality and productivity features
  • 2-line all-purpose phones, 4 & 6 line professional phones, 8-line touch screen phones
  • Popular Polycom SoundStation conferencing phones



System Features

  •  Voicemail
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call RoutingPHONE
  • Caller ID
  •  Follow Me Forwarding
  • Custom Hold Music
  • Direct Inbound Dialing (DID)
  • Message Waiting Indication
  • Multi Call Appearance
  • Click-to-Call
  • Desktop Console
  • Hunt Groups
  • ACD/Call Queuing
  • Daylight Savings Time
  • Day/Night/Holiday Switching


Within the WESTCHESTER COMPUTER CONSULTING INC infrastructure, we ensure the best possible call quality for our customers by taking several measures in how we architect our service.

 Hosted PBX service components are placed as close to the edge of our network as possible, to  minimize the number of steps that VoIP packets must travel through and thereby reducing possible  call-quality impact.

  A large-pipe network is utilized to ensure plenty of capacity for VoIP calls.
  Our network is over provisioned to ensure that our capacity is always sufficient for peak demand.

We can help you improve call quality by increasing bandwidth. We’ll test the quality of your  current Internet connection to determine if it is sufficient to support the number of PBX users within your company. Generally, a Hosted PBX VoIP call will use a maximum of 90 kilobits per second (kbps) of bandwidth for the duration of the call, though phones that support G.729 codec will use 30kbps.

The amount of bandwidth needed for Hosted PBX will depend on the number of users, call volume and call patterns. For example, if you had five Hosted PBX users and each user is on the phone at the same time, it would require 450 kbps of available bandwidth (upstream and downstream) to ensure high call quality. Limited bandwidth can have an effect on call quality.

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