Removing security software from your PC

SecurityTo remove virus there are many free security software. All are not effective. Some are unable to remove malware and viruses. But it is very disappointing that some security software itself a malware. Some we should have to access only the effective antivirus program.


One anti-virus program is better than two

Using two antiviruses at a time is not good idea at all. It may cause glitches. Two programs at a time for one purpose may effect on your computer. Limit the antivirus packages which are not performing with pace. It creates problems sometimes. Malware bytes Anti-Malware is very effective to this purpose. It works alongside your computer. The free software’s watch full eye against the Malware threats.

Another free program Anti Spyware, you can run alongside as main software. It is like Microsoft Security Essentials.


Removing old security software

For removing old security software from your computer, you just need to do some easy step. If you want to remove the older package, just follow the instructions.

Find start button at the left corner of the windows=> Control panel=> programs=> Uninstall programs => remove from the list=> Uninstall from the toolbar.


Keep in mind that, when you uninstall you virus defender to install another, just take time. Both tasks in some time may turn your computer unprotected.

License renewal for anti-virus packages


You need to renewal of your license of your anti-virus packages. Anti-virus package trail versions are free for 30 days. It needs to update regular basis.  If you don’t update the Antivirus package it will stop protecting your computer. There are also some free options for you. You can use the paid Antivirus without money by following some tricks. Also some free antivirus packages are available. Before choosing your antivirus software, just check all the features and reviews.