What is Document Management?

Document management, also known as content management, is the systematic approach to digitizing, storing, managing, and retrieving documents. All organizations, regardless of size, must manage two types of data:

Structured data (database information)document-management

Unstructured data (paper documents, pictures, etc.)

Document management solutions provide tools that allow you to capture, route, store, manage, and archive your unstructured data in a very secure way. Document management solutions allow you to manage this unstructured data by storing it in a single repository and linking it together by one or more “keys” (e.g., customer number, employee ID). It can then be quickly and easily accessed—by authorized users only—either directly from within the document management system, or through one or more of your organization’s software applications.

How Will Document Management Benefit My Organization?

A well-designed document management solution can significantly lower operational costs and improve the efficiency with which documents and other electronic content are handled.

Your Organization will gain benefits such as:

  Reduced costs associated with storing and retrieving paper and electronic documents
  Reduced storage space
  Improved operational efficiencies through the electronic routing and sharing of documents
  Improved security of electronic content, including paper documents that have been converted into an electronic format
  Enhanced ability to provide operational continuity in the event of a disaster
  Improved regulatory compliance

Key components of an effective document management system are:

  Document scanners
  Document capture software
  Document management software
  Server hardware and software
  Data storage and backup devices

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