Computer Power Problems


Power SupplyBattery missing or incorrectly installed the battery bay may cause the power problem of your laptop computer. Must have seat and present properly the battery. If you get power problem of your laptop, then remove the battery and plug power for new battery. Also remove power adaptor.

The Battery LED power indicator is blinking. –

When you see the indicator then it means low battery. You should have to plug the power cable in the AC power source. Try to start te laptop. If you fail, then restart the laptop.

You are losing battery power too quickly. –

You system may consume more power. Sometime it happens through the operating system. It has power scheme check. Pc card device may help you to do the work.

The battery pack will not charge. –

The battery pack will not work, if you don’t care the battery pack. It will be damaged in he exposed excessive hot and cold environment. Kept the battery in the suitable condition and try to adopt with the power. If it is shows faulty then you need to change.


The notebook feels too hot. –

Laptop and notebook become hot when we block the air circulation. Always notice that you are not blocking the air circulation. Always try to use Air cooler. If your laptop becomes hotter, then hibernate or turn off for an hour. Don’t place on the thermal surface and always use the correct adapter.


 Battery time is shorter than expected. –

Don’t discharge your laptop before being recharged. It may reduce your battery time. With the regular power supply, you should have to charge properly your laptop.

Speed Problems

Desktop antivirus systems slow your laptop. It uses system resources. That is why it reduces the performance